The power of WhatsApp group admin is increasing

WhatsApp is going to bring new features for the customers. This time the Meter messaging platform is going to give more power to the group admins. According to a recent report published by XDA Developers, WhatsApp group admins will soon be able to delete any message from the group.

At the moment, only your own chat can be deleted on WhatsApp. The admin does not have the power to delete messages posted by any other person in the group.

Power of WhatsApp group admin


However, the admin can expel any member from the group if he wants. The admin can also take away the ability to post other members to the group by making the group ‘admin only’. However, the new feature is going to give more power to the group admin messaging app.

The new feature is going to give the admin more power over what content is being posted in the group. Many feel that the other members of the group will follow the rules of the group because of the more power the admin has.

A notification will be sent to the person whose post admin will delete. It will say ‘Admin has deleted your post’. Any WhatsApp group can have multiple admins. The person who deleted your post will also be notified.

The report further states that this feature is currently in the experimental stage. No specific date has been set for when the new feature will be added to WhatsApp.

But first, the US messaging app can send this feature to beta testers. This feature will only reach all customers once the beta testing is complete.

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