How to See Your Instagram Password (While Logged in)

Passwords for all types of social media accounts online, including See Your Instagram passwords, are very important. But there are many of us who can’t remember a password. So my post today is for those who want to see the Instagram password.

If you have forgotten to see your Instagram password then read this post carefully. Because in this post you will find out how to forget the Instagram password. That means you can find out how to See your Instagram passwords here.

How to See Your Instagram Password

As new social media platforms go viral every day, there are more and more passwords that people need to remember. In light of this, Google has introduced a new feature called “Password”, which saves all your passwords for you.

  • So the next time you reinstall an app on your smartphone,
  • All you have to do is click on the Google AutoFill button and click Next.
  • This will automatically retrieve your previously used Instagram password.

Today we will discuss how you can see your password when you log in to your Instagram account. The process for doing this is almost the same for both smartphones and laptops. However, to avoid any confusion, we will both contact you. Finally, we will tell you how you can change the Instagram password on your smartphone.

How to see your Instagram password on Instagram

You can hide your Instagram password when you log in, but there is a very logical explanation for this on Instagram.

If you want to see your Instagram password while logging in, the first thing you have to do is the Instagram mobile app or web version? Instagram is a popular social media platform like Facebook. Through which friends and relatives can be contacted very easily.

If you save all passwords in your Google Account. You can easily recover your password from your Google data from your smartphone and laptop/computer.

Stay tuned for the rest of this blog to learn how you can check your Instagram password on your Google Account.

How To See Instagram Password On Two Easy Way

How to See Your Instagram Password

First, you need to know how to check your Instagram password on your Android smartphone

Step – 1: Open the google chrome apps on your smartphone. You can see the 3 dot icon in the top right corner of the display on your smartphone. If you click on the 3 dot icon, you will see some more options.

Step – 2: Scroll down the menu and you can see below there is 1 option called setting,

Step – 4: Then click on setting.

Step – 3: If you click on Settings, you will first see your Gmail Account. Below are Google services, Basic and Advanced. Below this, you will see Your Instagram password, click on it. You saved it in your Google Account

Step – 4: Here you will see a list of all the applications that have passwords. From this menu, click on Instagram and see your Instagram password.

Step – 5: After clicking on Instagram, below you will see your user name/email and password.

Note: you will see only black dots in place of your password.

Step – 7: Click on the eye and you will be asked to unlock and verify with your Fingerprints/Pattern. Click on the eye-like button to see your Instagram password.

Now you can easily See your Instagram password while logging in to your phone.

See Your Instagram password On your PC/Laptop

We talked about how to See your Instagram password when logging in to the mobile version of Instagram. Now let’s see how you can do the same thing when connecting to the web version of Instagram on your laptop/computer.

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The connection process between your smartphone and your laptop/computer is somewhat similar. Because the Instagram password display platform (or any other platform) revolves around your Google Account.

Follow the step

Step – 1: Open Google Chrome on your Laptop/PC. At the top right of the screen, you will see three dots, and click on them.

Step – 2:- Once you do this, you will see a drop-down menu with many options. Locate and click Settings at the bottom of this menu.

Step – 3:- At the top of the Settings page, you’ll see a search bar. Click on it and search for the password.

Step – 4:- In AutoFill, you will see the password, click on it. On the next page, you will see all the passwords to check the Laptop/PC lock code OR Password.

Step – 5: Then Unlock your screen and see your Instagram password


As we come to the end of today’s blog, let’s take a closer look at what we learned today.

We have tried to give you complete information about how to find out the forgotten password on Instagram, and how to see the Instagram password. If you pay attention to our post then you will definitely be able to find out your forgotten password. Even after that, if you have any problem in understanding, you must let us know by commenting.

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