How to Disable Direct Instagram Messages

Disable Direct Instagram Messages: Do Instagram messages drive you crazy? The first thing that comes to mind is to turn off Instagram messaging. But is this possible? Well, there is no immediate way to turn off Instagram messaging completely. But you can turn it off for people you do not know.

In addition, there are various solutions for restricting messages on Instagram. Let’s see how to turn off DM on Instagram. Note that the screenshots were taken on an Android phone, but the steps apply to both Android and iPhone.

Instagram DM is such an Instagram feature. For those who are new to this service, DM stands for Instant Messaging and refers to the messaging capability of this social media platform.

How to Disable Direct Instagram Messages

While DM has a number of attractive features such as background themes, voice notes, stickers, GIFs, emojis,s, and more, it is generally not considered as easy to use as WhatsApp. However, when did users stop using the feature?

There are many Instagrammers who go crazy sending emails to their friends about every wheel or related meme they see in their stream. And then, there are people who are not very interested in Instagram messages. And if you belong to another category, this blog is written just for you.

Today we will talk about whether or not you can get rid of a DM on Instagram. We will also discuss how to handle DM requests, how to prevent a specific person from sending you an instant message, and how to control which DM alerts Instagram sends you.

Disable Direct Instagram Messages From Strangers

By default, messages that you do not follow from your followers as well as those that are not in your follower’s list or in the following list will be placed in the Instagram message requests folder. If you do not want to receive random message requests, Instagram provides an easy way to turn them off and check who can send you messages.

Disable Direct Messages for Instagram

>>  Open the Instagram app on your phone and log in to your account.

>>  Go to the profile screen.

>> Click on the three-bar icon.


>> Select Settings from the menu.

 Instagram Messages Settings


>> Go to Privacy.

Instagram Privacy

>> Scroll down and click the Messages option.

Instagram Messages

>> Tap on ‘Your followers on Instagram.

Turn off Direct Messages

>> Select Don’t receive requests.

Turn off Direct Messages

Our Tip: If your Facebook and Instagram messages are related, you can customize who can send you messages within potential links.

Don’t Miss

Come back and find people on Facebook and other people with other people in the Instagram sections. Change their prices to No Requests.

You will now only receive messages from people you are following.

How to On mute messages Potion

If you want to pause messages from specific contacts, you can mute their chat threads. Even if they send a message, you will not be notified. However, if your activity status is enabled, they will be able to see your online status on your thread.

To mute a contact

  • Open your inbox.
  • Tap your friend’s name.
  • Tap its Three don Icone at the top.

How to On mute messages Potion

>> Next to Mute Messages.

  • Turn on the toggle button.
  • Now you can mute the call alert.

Because of this person will not know that you have muted them.

Turn off notifications

If you do not want to receive any kind of message from someone, you can completely turn off message notifications from all your friends instead of just muting some people.

>> Go to Instagram Settings.

>> Click the Notifications.

Turn off notifications

>> Turn on the toggle Pause All.

Turn off notifications

If you want to temporarily disable all types of Instagram notifications, such as comments, followers, live, and messages, pause all of the following.

Such as:

  • Posts, Stories, And Comments.
  • Following and Followers.
  • Messages and Calls.
  • Live and Video.
  • Fundraisers.
  • From Instagram.

Other Notification 

  • Email Notification.
  • Shopping.

If you want to turn off these options one by one, click on each of these options and click on the off button. And see if your options are off.

Turn off notifications

Note: If necessary, see the screenshot.

Turn off Messages on Instagram Story

When you share a story, people can reply to it, and feedback is sent to your Instagram Direct messages. You can turn off replies to messages in Instagram Stories so that no one can reply to them.

>> Go to Instagram Settings.

Turn off Messages on Instagram Story

>> Click The Privacy > Story.

Under Allow replying to messages, select Disable or Follow as needed.

Restrict user

If you want to stop receiving messages from certain people, you can do so easily here. Because this option helps an Instagram user to restrict messages. This is another option to block someone.

Simply put, due to a limited option, new messages you receive will be stored in the Message Requests folder instead of the regular folder. This means that you will not be notified of any new messages from the restricted Instagram users.

Another interesting thing is that this option has two additional benefits. The two benefits are given in the following sequential ness.

1. You will not know who you are restricting, you have restricted them.

2. And they won’t be able to see your online status.

To limit someone,

>> Open their chat thread.

>> Tap on the name.

Restrict User

>> Tap on Restrict option.

Block Instagram messages or User

If you want to stop receiving messages from certain people, you can do so easily here. Because this option helps an Instagram user to block messages. This is another option to limit someone.

Simply put, this block option allows anyone to send you any kind of message. You can’t even send any kind of message to anyone yourself.

Block To someone User,

>> Open their chat thread.

>> Tap on the name.

Block user

>> Tap on the block option.


What I learned today

We have now come to the end of our blog, but before we end, let’s take a look at a brief overview of what we learned here today. We have learned here that if you send DM directly to someone, you can prevent him from sending DM. Also here you have learned more about how to reject or block someone.

Lastly, I would like to say that if you like our post today, then you must share this post with your friends. Thank you.

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