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Do you know what this Google Datally app is? Why are they in such headlines these days? Google’s largest IT company has created such an application, with which we can largely work out using data from our smartphones or other Internet. So friends, as you know, at this time the digitization revolution is taking place in the country of India.

Everyone everywhere wants to make profits for themselves by making better use of technology. After demonization, the government encouraged people to use digital payment options by promoting cashless transactions. If you say this, the country is now digital.

Most people in India use the internet for entertainment. And more data is used on websites like YouTube, etc. Besides, apps running in the background are blasting data undetected. Even today, there are many people who need more data, but their data is destroyed without their knowledge from the applications running in the background.

Google Datally app

Often times you must have seen that without using data your data is exhausted and all these apps running in the background destroy data. To save this data, people use various data-saving apps.

Similarly, Google has also created a Data Saver app named Google Datally. It has been specially made for those people who do not belong to a technical background. Who has no information about data-saving apps?

That is why today I thought why not give full information to you people about what Google Data is and what are its features so that you get to know it properly.

Google is the largest search engine company in the world. Besides being the largest search engine, they have been involved in many things since just a few days ago, Google launched the TEZ app, which promotes cashless transactions. Similarly, on Thursday, Google launched an app designed to help Android phone users understand, control, and save their mobile data.

During the beta testing phase, Google Datally was called the “Triangle” which is now “Google Datally”. This data-saving app from Google has been launched on all platforms across the world. Google Datally is now available on Google Play Store worldwide for all phones running Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher. If your phone is running Android 5 or higher then you can install this app now.

What is Google Datally App?

Google Datally is an initiative by Google’s Next Million Users division that aims to make internet services more accessible even in countries with limited internet infrastructure.

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Google has been testing a data-saving app Google datally in the Philippines, and the company says the app can understand people’s data usage patterns and tell you how to save mobile data. When Google Datally was in the testing phase and people used it, they were able to reduce data usage by up to 30%.

“Mobile data is too expensive for many people around the world. Even worse, knowing where everything goes.” That’s why we’ve built an app that lets you control and saves your data,” Google’s Next Millionaire Vice President Cesar Sengupta said at Blog.

Google data not only helps track data usage but also helps control data with it, which is called data saving. Although this feature is available on every phone, it was a bit tricky to use. Many of the features in it can already be found in Android mobile phones. But people were not able to use these things due to a lack of information. Google Datally Apps makes it easy to use.

Google Datally Features


By the way, Google Datally is a very good app for saving data. And this app comes with very good features. Its main features are data bubble and data saver:

Save data: With this, you can save up to 30% of data. You can set different limits on data usage in each app. For example, if you want to set a data usage limit on an app and you want that app not to use more data than that limit, you can use a data provider to set a data limit on that app. This app will not be able to use more data than this limit. And you can use your favorite apps.

Data bubble: With this, you can block the data usage of any app. It has two options, front, and back. With the help of those, you can see real-time data usage. And if the app is seen using more data, you can block its data usage.

Data Usage Metrics: Through this, you can get complete information about the data usage you make. Like how much data you used in any app. You can know the history of data usage and the data used in each application.

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WiFi Finder: One of the most unique features of Google Data is the Wi-Fi finder. With WiFi Finder, you can get information about free Wi-Fi networks around you. The distance is from the Wi-Fi network and the number of other Google data users who rated the network before connecting to the WiFi network. The higher the rating, the better the network. You can also rate any network according to its performance after using it yourself.

There are not many advantages that Google data gives. Apart from this, many new features will be added to the app such as checking the balance and reminding the user before the balance expires. Apart from this, data usage warnings and controls will also be added.

Google Datally Size

If we talk about the size of Google Datally, it is much less than other data-saving tools, and its size is only 4.3MB. Google Datally will not take up much space on your mobile phone, which can benefit you a lot and can save you a lot of money by saving your data.

How Google Datally App Works

When we use any apps on our smartphone, many of the official apps also keep running in the background. which the user does not have any information about and the data from their data packets remains depleted. When he really needs the data, he doesn’t have the data.

Google Datally is useful for solving this kind of problem. With it, it closes all unnecessary applications running in the background so that our data is saved. Besides, it also provides information about the data usage of apps so that we can know which apps have used how much data.

Nowadays, you will find a large part of the population of India present on the internet. Once, our country was called an agricultural country, but now along with this our country has also advanced a lot in technology and the Internet. If you ask any kid about YouTube? So hopefully, maybe he can tell you that.


In 2011, only 11% of India’s population was present online, which is far fewer than countries like China and America. Now a lot has changed in these six years. There has been a rapid increase in the number of internet users in India.

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According to the latest figures, about 28% to 30% of India’s population is online. This number is increasing day by day. Thousands of people go online every day. According to a 2016 report, around 360 million people in India are online today.

It’s a matter of India and its netizens, now let’s talk about the data. Nowadays in India, the cost of internet data has come down significantly with the advent of Jio. Today, most of India’s population can afford internet rates. As a result, the country has become very advanced in technology, which is a significant aspect of the development of our country.

What is a data saver app?

Over the life of a smartphone, the cost of the data plan included in it easily exceeds the cost of the device. When the user starts the data saver, the data saver application system blocks the background data used by the application and prevents the application form using the data. uses. When the data saver is turned on, the user can create a list of specific apps to allow and allow data to be used by apps running in the background.

In other words, the application used to save data is called a data-saving application. In this category, Google, which is the largest search engine company in the world, recently launched a Google data service to save data.

This was some information about what is Google Datally app in Hindi is. If you have used Google Datally, please share your experience with us and tell us how was your experience with Google Data. I ask all readers that you also share this information with your neighbors, relatives, and friends so that there is awareness among us and everyone benefits from it a lot. I need your cooperation so that I can pass on more new information to you guys.

Let us know what you think, Google Datally, by commenting on this article. So that we also get a chance to learn something from your ideas and improve something.


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