What are the benefits of managed WordPress hosting?

Your website should serve as a solid foundation for running your business and allow you to reach new heights. According to experts, using a managed WordPress hosting solution is the easiest way to keep your site in top shape. This will cost you much less money than hiring DevOps engineers.

However, the low cost does not make managed WordPress hosting in Canada any less efficient. Your website will be stable, secure, and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The next section looks at the most important benefits of managed WordPress hosting. Read below before trying it out for your own site.

High availability and increased uptime

The performance of an online business largely depends on the availability of its website and server uptime. If a site is generating revenue, you will lose a huge amount of money if there is downtime.

WordPress hosting

Even worse, downtime can ruin a brand’s reputation. It can also damage the visibility of the site. If the hosting service you work with is one of the best in Canada, you can expect it to provide at least 99% uptime.

Due to the dynamic functionality of WordPress, high traffic can put a lot of strain on the server resources of WP sites. If the hosting service you are using is optimized for hosting WP sites, you will have access to a powerful database and advanced caching.

This in turn will keep your site responsive and functional throughout the day, especially when the site needs to perform at its best.

You will enjoy expert support

If you are working with a non-WordPress hosting company, it will be very difficult for them to solve technical issues with WordPress.

Therefore, you should always hire a Canadian web hosting company that has a dedicated team with knowledge and experience in WordPress. Using a managed WordPress hosting solution will ensure that any issues, minor or important, are resolved quickly.

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In fact, you can find VPS and shared servers more affordable than managed WordPress hosting. However, it will take a few days and sometimes weeks to resolve WP or site uptime issues.

This will result in a loss of several thousand dollars, making the decision to choose a VPS or shared hosting costly.

Uses a plethora of high-performance hosting

Our managed WordPress hosting company will continue to extensively test the latest software and hardware to ensure that they provide the best possible hosting environment for WordPress.

These companies always use a combination of advanced high-performance hosting technologies. They customize the stack to meet the unique needs of WordPress.

Modern hosts often partner with a public cloud service provider, as these providers provide a better equipped hosting infrastructure than traditional options.

You will have access to automatic updates

Using a managed WP hosting solution means that all essential WP applications and necessary plugins will be updated regularly. It is important that the software running your site is kept up to date.

WordPress hosting

Failure to do so will jeopardize the security of your site. In addition, regular software updates are also important to keep your site compatible with different applications.

If you use the services of a leading hosting provider, you can expect your site’s core software to be constantly updated. In addition, a team of experts representing this company will also monitor how the updates affect your site. Automated tests will be performed regularly to ensure that your site is running smoothly after each update.

Your site will be protected with security features built for WordPress

If you choose a shared WordPress hosting package, don’t expect it to help you in the event of a cyberattack or malware issue.

On the other hand, Canada-managed WP domain hosting will allow you to enjoy secure WordPress hosting always. Working with a managed service will allow for regular software updates.

This, along with a dedicated hosting environment, will protect your site from bots, hackers, and most other security problems you may encounter.

If you are looking for well-managed WordPress hosting services in Canada, then you should contact TNY Hosting.

They will provide you with the most complete and affordable housing package. Their services will be useful to you, no matter what type of website you have, be it professional or personal.

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